Random: If Your Drawing Will Come to Life...

I just had to share. I feel quite giddy for the past few weeks, must be the otome games I've been playing. I'm so addicted to the games lately. In line with my current addiction to otome games and drawing, I was drawn to this artwork... Hihihi Imagine those bishies coming to life and taking over the world Har har har!


If I can draw better... I would draw some hot bishie GWAHAHAHA!


Rant: Stuck!

I hate doing hair on my artworks.. I hate it so much!!! At the moment I have several "HAIRLESS" artworks in progress.

I know what to do... I know what I want my work to look like but for some reason it never turns out the way I want it to!!! arrrgggghh It's so frustrating!

One thing I'm absolutely proud about myself is my being a super fast learner. As long as I have the right tools, I can learn whatever I want to learn. But NOOOOOO... I've tried reading all the tutorials I could find and I have my ancient drawing tablet and SAI and I still can't manage to color hair properly! Bleaaauuurrrrrgghhh... =_=

*shakes fist*

= End of Rant =


"Thin-spiration" part two

I read something about Multiply converting to an e-commerce site instead of a blog site several days ago and I went through some of my albums and saw pictures of myself during my sister's wedding... All I can say is:

What the h*** happened?!


SAI: Work in progress

I decided to draw today, I needed to practice. I don't think I can finish this in one art attack session though... however I think I feel more comfortable using my tablet compared to when I first started.

Well here's a sneak peek of my latest artwork... I really hope I can finish it: