Look what I got~! A BornPretty Haul.

This is my last minute post for today, I'm so exhausted and I think I already starting to doze off. But before that, look what came in the mail for me today~!

I got the nail art accessories I purchased from the Born Pretty online store

I was ready to wait a few more weeks but I already got the notice from our local post office that a package came in for me~! However, I wasn't able to get the packaged this morning so I asked someone else to get it for me... I was thinking about it the WHOLE day despite being awake for practically 36 hours =_=

I couldn't wait to open it! Here's what I got:


NOTW: Etude's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails No. 2

I decided to take some pictures of my current nail art using some photography apps I currently discovered because of Xiaxue's blog post: Best Photo-Editing iPhone Apps. And yes, I find her blog fun to read. I admire her for her radical honesty. ^_^

I don't have an iPhone but I assumed most of the Photo editing apps in itunes are available in the android market ^_^ I downloaded Camera 360 and Photo Wonder and I am absolutely enjoying the camera filters.

Feast your eyes on the pink sparkly glitter gradients~!

I used the Sunshine filter from Camera 360 for this shot


Mall rage and shoe addictions

I haven't been posting much on my blog recently, I'm having an artist block. All my hobbies have been put on hold. I couldn't do a decent nail art, I can't even draw any chibi (Japanese slang for small child) characters on Sai. My drawings end up looking like disfigured children rather than cute children...

So, what have I been up to for the past few days after posting my only successful artwork in the 8 years I've had my graphics tablet? (and yes, I've had my tablet since 2004.. oh oops, off topic).

I have been wreaking havoc in all the malls that I can go to. In 3 weeks, I've already purchased 3 pairs of shoes. I practically buy one pair of shoes and/or flip flops every other year so this is a big deal for me (and my wallet). I've already bought 6 pairs this year. 2 wedges, 1 gladiator sandals, 2 red ballet flats and a pair of pumps.

I know the shoes I bought aren't as fashionable as the shoes other bloggers post. But, I'm not a fashion forward person so these are bold enough for me hehe.

Anyway, I bought these three on sale at Payless Shoe Store at Shangri La. They're all painful to walk in =_= even the flats.


Following the Instagram Bandwagon: Photo dump~! (IMG heavy)

I haven't posted much for the past few days. As usual, I'm uninspired to do anything. I can't draw, I can't do a decent nail art design, I am totally broke... =_= Well, the last one sums everything up. The lack of funds... /end

I'm more active in taking instagram shots since it became available on the Android market. My android phone has a better camera than my itouch. I'm slightly depressed about a photo walk opportunity I'll miss tomorrow so I'm posting my old instagram pictures for the past few days. I also added an instagram gadget on my blog layout too. To show that I'm still somehow alive.

First of all... Nail art. Although I did say that I haven't had a decent nail art design for so long... This was pretty decent but I took it off after a few days because I made a mistake with the colors and the top coat.

I've been a little extra obsessed with raspberries (again). I wonder what triggered it back.

nom nom nom
Raspberry Macaroons.. nom nom nom