Major haul!

So I went on another movie date with my boyfriend to watch Fast 5. Last weekend we watched Thor and we wanted to have a movie marathon but we didn't have enough time. Today we had enough time even for shopping!! I was finally able to buy the stuff I've been itching to buy

Here's what I bought:
Face shop:
Nail dot pen in silver
Herb day lip and eye make up remover

Pure beauty jasmin water bb cream
Kleenex oil control film
Purederm grape yogurt pack
Purederm vitalizing green tea pack
Purederm strawberry yogurt pack
Watsons foot ease slingback strips
Purederm aloe collagen mask
Purederm brightening essence mask
Caronia white satin

Ermm, mostly skin care items... I wont write a review but i'll definitely sharey experience...

Time to try the bb cream wahahaha!!!

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  1. Hahahaha~ I'm a sucker for purederm products so I wanted to try their facial masks XD