New Hair cut: Full Bangs

Quick incoherent post:

I'm not sure if I love my new hair cut. I think I made a mistake... of getting full bangs... *sigh*

As usual I got my hair cut at Tony and Jackey's in Makati. Ever since Ms. Hani left I haven't had a fixed stylist.. I've had and JK... the gave me the better version of the normal hair cuts you can get at pinoy parlors except for the way they styled my hair after the hair cut....

This time I got a new stylist, I love Judy~! She explained almost everything to me though I knew what they usually do at the parlor, I appreciated it ^__^ She also gave me tips on how to style my hair for special occasions, she thought me how to blow dry my "full bangs," from what point she'd be cutting my bangs and that she'd cut more hair for my bangs. She kept on saying "hmm, very good!" as well. It was assuring, I really like her.

Here's a really low res picture of my new hair

And here's another low res shot of me chopping it all off...

My bf seemed to like my short hair more ^__^ Which one is better?

By the way, I was joking about chopping it all off! HAHAHAHA!

(I also look healthier than before~)

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