Finally Some Nail Art!

Finally! I have only been sporting solid colors or glitter polish on my nails ever since I got a tan from my swimming classes.

Hahaha! This isn't my work, my teammate did this and it's pretty~! I wasn't planning to do any nail art though until I bought the gold glitter polish from Etude house and that my officemates felt like experimenting on me. ^__^ And yes, we had a nail art attack in the office =_=

I'm starting to like neon pink~!

These are the nail polishes used. I was already wearing the neon pink nail polish and we only added the glitters when we were in the office. I added the top coat at home.

Base Coat, color, accent, and top coat.

I use this as my base coat because it doesn't discolor my nails (that much).

=_= If you can read hangul...

A gift from a friend ^_^ I love how "creamy" it is.

Not the glitter bomb I was expecting.. but I still love it.

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