Finished Product - Resin Workshop Day 2

I feel sad that the workshop is over! I felt at home being with "my kind" of people! Even though I was only at the CraftMNL workshop for less than 24 hours, I will miss the place. >_<

Until next time :)
This Thursday, I was finally able to see the results of all our hard work on day 1 and everything looked so pretty!!!

For day 2, we attached all our charms to some beads and settings. My classmates and I felt that we could all do what we were doing for a living. Time to change industries? Good bye queries, hello jewelry? =_=

Here's all the resin charms I made.
 We also learned how to wrap our beads in wire ^__^ I was only able to do two since we were already out of time and I was getting tired... 4 hours of beading, FTW!

My necklaces...

I still have 5 candy like resin charms to wrap...

Candies? @_@

These are my favorites! I honestly wanted to make these pendants but I thought they would look cuter as keychains or cellphone accessories. The red polka dot charm will be a ring... must buy glue....

Also made an extra rose charm from the scrap lying around the table.
 I'm not fond of these... :( They look dark and dull for some reason...

These are bottle cap magnets

For once, I loved doing something with a group of people... I had a great time learning and crafting.

Next lesson: Paper cutting?
Oh, did I mention that I loved my classmates? ^__^ They're the best! ^__^ More art attacks please~!

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