Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner and Some Random Stuff

WHEW!! What a mouthful! I've been lemming for this liner since I saw a review on bunbunmakeuptips.com September this year. I kept looking for online sellers but I gave up for a few months until I discovered the Clio stall at the SM department store in SM Megamall. I bought a the black and the purple liners for 475 Php, way cheaper than the other online sellers!

I bought the blue and the purple ones~!

I was able to road test the black gel-liner at my friends' wedding and it was perfect (both the wedding and the gel liner hihi)! Smudge proof and tear proof, I used a primer and put eyeliner over it though. A little sidetrack from the topic, The wedding was so nice, a lot of us were brought to tears each time the groom or the bride made a speech, even the bride's dad made people teary eyed.

Anyway, I just realized I only took a picture of my unfinished eye make up... I didn't even finish doing my brows when I took the picture... but oh well I love how it turned out.

I was inspired by Jen of From Head To Toe's tutorial (link here) but changed the color to blue because I wore a blue dress and I don't have any green eyeshadow.

Low res picture to mask my insecurities...

Photo dump mode!!

I also bought a new lipstick from covergirl, I'm not quite happy with it since it oxidized to a very hot pink shade on my lips and it STAINS like crazy, it's absolutely difficult to remove, I'd be rubbing my lips raw and it still sticks like crazy! I'm posting a picture because I also liked how the picture turned out when I took a photo on top of the kiosk's display table.
"Long lasting"

Pretty plastic candle that changes color, I didn't attempt taking all colors of the candle.. was too busy enjoying the my friends' wedding

My wing earrings, I love love love these, ever since I saw Rinoa's (Final Fantasy 8) winged cardigan, and Sakura's clothes in Card Captor Sakura, I wanted winged accessories.

Artsy Fartsy shot using instagram.
Here's how big it is on my ears. I covers all piercings on my lobe... well I have 3 including the piercings I had when I was a kid.

And Oh, I just wanted to share how my friends see me... It's not a good label but it made me smile since I know I've changed:

Me: Super Nice (referring to the wedding).
Me: all of us girls were trying to hold back our tears hahaha
Friend: nyahaha you weren't heartless on that day?
Me: HAHAHA! Didn't seem like it
Friend: nyaahah peace


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