Etude House Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit

I can't believe I just opened this trial kit after so many months... I should have tried it immediately! Honestly, I've been trying to limit my blog entries about beauty products to just nail art, actually I didn't want to post anything make up or skin care related... until I tried the freebie I got from etude several months ago.

I only realized that I have really dry skin because I have been quite frustrated in trying the dewy make up effect. I couldn't get the effect I wanted because of the tiny flakes of skin on my face T^T I kept on buying exfoliating products and peel off masks rather than the moisturizing masks because of the misleading comments I got from random SA's that I had normal/combination skin...

I was absolutely surprised when I first tried the First Essence, I thought it would be a watery toner but it was quite viscous, the texture was similar to the snail slime ampoules I tried. The facial freshner had the same texture. I was really expecting to have a greasy face after slathering all the products on my face, to my surprise my skin felt firm but super soft, which was the effect I kept hoping for after my home exfoliation sessions. I got the soft smooth skin I wanted from moisturizing products!

I'll probably buy the whole set once I use up all my sample kits. I still have some trial kits from Tony Moly, Skin food, and the Etude Aloe moistfull set. :) I don't think I'll be able to finish them all by the end of the year XD

Oh by the way, I apologize for the low res pictures... =_= I tried to cover it up using some photo app filter =_=

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