Vintage Nail Art

I've finally tried it!

I'm currently going through a color identity crisis, last time I was going for mermaid colors, this time it pastel colors that's why I finally tried doing the vintage nail art design. Even though mint green does not suit my skin color... This pastel color phase is such a pain because most of the colors I like does not suit my skin color =_= Oh well, hopefully it'll pass.

I used a filter for this, I'm really trying to make the color work on me at least in print. As for the tutorial/reference, I don't remember where I read it... I was on my coral color phase when I read about it so I pushed it aside for so long. I should've booked marked the link. Well fear not~ Google will save the day~! It's a common design, so there are a lot of tutorials around (google).

For the sake of sharing (and because of the guilt I feel for forgetting my reference), here's a quick walkthrough.. (I should've taken some pictures to post, huh?).

Skipping the base color part~ nuni nu ni nu~!

1. For the roses, all you need is a light pink and a dark pink nail. Using a dotting tool or a toothpick, put a dot of light pink polish on your nail .
2. Before the light pink dots dry, pick up some dark pink polish on your toothpick and swirl the tooth pick as to lightly mix the two colors together. Don't swirl too much. Also, I loaded as much light pick polish I can get on my toothpick.
3. The most important step of all, protect and safeguard the nail art like a crazy PMS-ing woman during a mall wide sale... Top coat. *coughs*

I think I can say that the design is quite easy to do, since was able to do it in one go... considering the clumsy girl that I am..

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