Nail Polish Haul After Math

After buying 7 new shades of nail polishes I ended up using an old nail polish instead. It's actually my bad habit when I buy go on a mall rage for nail polishes. I buy two or more colors and I get overwhelmed so I use an old nail polish =_= It always happens even if I am really excited about my new nail polish.


Sassy Color Nail Polish Haul

I dropped by Watson's this afternoon to check out the Revlon counter for the Just Bitten balm stains but I didn't see the shade I wanted, so I ended up at the Nail Polish Aisle =__= I was surprised to see the Sassy Colors display, Watson's only displayed less than 10 colors in really small bottles several months ago and now they had an overwhelming display of choices. Unfortunately, my mall rage kicked in and I ended up buying 7 shades, but it's a great deal! 18 pesos for amazing shades!

Trying SUPER hard to take an artsy shot (but failing miserably)


Alice... As Promised.

I did promise to post the whole picture of my version of a sedated Alice, which I submitted for a digital art contest at work, 2 posts ago. I was quite busy with work for the past few days and I wasn't able to post anything. Since the contest is done, I was finally able to sign my name on it ^_^


I won first place!

I won!

Remember my last post? I entered a photo contest in our company and won first place for the minimalist category and second place for the digital art category.

Remember my macro shot of a syringe? I also entered it in the contest~! Unfortunately my Alice in Wonderland digital art only won 2nd place... BUT

I'm still happy ^__^


What Kept Me Busy for the Past Few Days

At last I completed my biggest drawing project ever, at least for me. It took me several days to finish this >_< I'm not that good at putting backgrounds behind my drawings so I kinda struggled. I also had to redo the inking and coloring and everything else =_= huhuhuhu.

I've been thinking whether I should enter this in a certain digital art contest. Well it's not some high profile contest though but I'm worried that my art would be a dead giveaway that I made it, I think we're supposed to keep quiet about our works until someone wins. I'm still contemplating whether to enter. Well, tomorrow's the deadline for the entries so I still have a few hours to think.

Until I decide to join, I'll just post a portion of my work =_= (If I don't join tom, I'll post the full picutre).

I added a filter since I felt that the original picture was lacking something... I'm not sure what looked better.

With an antique-ish filter