Random Photo dump: Vanity

I think I'm turning into an extra vain creature by the minute... I'm a more "girly" now, compared to how I was 1-2 years.. erm...10 months ago.. (lol). I'm not complaining though, I'm quite happy about it and I feel like I had a self esteem boost because of all the vain and superficial stuff I do. For example, doing nail art makes me feel different from other girls. It doesn't really help me career-wise or it doesn't improve my lovelife (nyahahaha) but it's a temporary confidence boost.

I feel selfish in thinking/feeling different from other girls because I feel that I'm good at doing nail art designs... compared to the people around me though. I'm not at par with the nail art bloggers yet, but they are virtual reality. ^_^ Hahaha, it feels weird writing this, I feel like a lot of people will hate me for it, but I'll keep it here as a reminder for me to stay humble hahaha!

I only have one vain photo dump today ^_^ I don't usually post pictures of myself in any social network or this blog though.. I'm just happy how this pic turned out despite the low resolution ^_^ I just had an impromptu hair cut at my favorite salon (Tony and Jackey Makati). I asked my stylist, Candy, to keep the length and just thin my hair out. I love how she did it, it made my hair look longer! The stylists in Tony and Jackey are amazing.

Here's my nails 6 days after I did my nail art... No, it didn't chip... That's my nail growth. I have bionic hair and nails. My hair and nails grow faster than normal. I chalk it up to my fast metabolism, which is good~!

Supposedly, today is the 8th day of me wearing my pretty nail art.. The nail growth was too obvious for me to keep it on.. So I removed it and filed my nails slightly shorter. Also, I applied the orange china glaze polish on my foot. I don't usually put on any nail polish on my toes but I couldn't resist a pretty color. ^_^

Performed a little test on the nail art accessories I purchased at the BornPretty store. After taking them off my nails I soaked the beads in acetone to check if I can reuse them.. Stingy me~

The pearls and the silver rhinestones are not reusable. But I'm happy to say the foil back of the rhinestones didn't turn murky while on my nails and in acetone.

The micro beads can be reused. Although some beads faded.. but I can work with it~! ^_^

End of photo dump.. Until my next Nail art~!

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