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I bought some falsies at kkcenterhk.com in preparation for my friends wedding, unfortunately it took a while until the package arrived... I was so excited when I checked the tracking site and saw that my package arrived in the Philippines on 16-July-2012... I kept waiting for the notice from our post office, half a month later and 2 days after my friends wedding, the notice came. It's really sad that I knew that the package  arrived in the country weeks before the stormy season started. It's quite ironic how fast it took to ship a few items from Hong Kong to Manila in just 7 days and the package waited a whole 15 days here in the Philippines before I get my package.

Ok fine... . I should be happy that my package arrived despite the stone age like processing here in our country. I'm really lucky that kkcenterhk.com shipped my items as quick as they could.

Anyway, here are the items I bought and please bare with the cutey-patootey filter... trying to lighten my mood besides I don't think the items I bought need pictures that are close to their colors in real life.. >_<

  1. N.NAIL Poker Cards Heart Ace Fimo Nail Decorations (PHP84.63/USD$1.86)
  2. Golden Rolls Striping Tape Line Nail Art Decoration Sticker (PHP40.95/USD$0.90)
  3. Bun 3D Art UV Arcylic Gel Nail Sculpt Mold DIY (PHP216.13/USD$4.75)
  4. Gypsy Brand 8mm Short Black Individual Lashes (KNOT FREE) (PHP152.88/USD$3.36)
  5. Ardell Duralash Flare Short Black (Knot-Free) (PHP204.75/USD$4.50)

The lashes are 8mm in length. I bought the shortest possible lashes possible to make it as natural looking as possible, however, I still think they're a little too long for me since my lashes are short, based on my Dr. Lash Ampoule experiment, my lashes are 6mm short. I wonder when I can wear them...

I also bought some nail art items. Well the UV/Gel mould would probably go in my arts and crafts stash instead of my nail art stash hihi...

I think I should have bought the card molds instead of the polymer clay canes but at least I can try an Alice in Wonderland inspired nail art soon. I've always been frustrated in attempting any Alice in Wonderland themed design.

The 3D molds would be for my air dry clay hobby ^_^ the "-ber" months are near, gotta prepare my xmas gifts soon ^_^ Pastries anyone?

Nail art tape~! I finally got my hands on some! I gotta research on what designs I could do with this. I don't want to waste any so I have to prepare in advance.!

My orange nails look pink on my pictures, It gave me an idea for a variation of my current nail art :) I hope I can pull it off but not anytime soon... I need to cut my nails I'm not used to having long nails for too long. My new nail art items will need to wait for a few weeks.

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