NOTW: Red, Silver and Pearls

Despite the lack of creativity in naming my entry, I am quite happy about how my nails turned out today. I was extra patient while doing it too~!

I was supposed to do a pink and white pearly nail art for my Born Pretty Haul last time I even bought some pink and coral nail polishes from China Glaze for it (which I'll post after this entry), but I ended up with Red and Silver since I just got my China Glaze in Polarized today in the mail along with the Seche Vite top coat. I read Nikki's (Askmewhats) post about it and told myself that I wouldn't try it but I got curious >_<

In my previous Nail of the Week, I also used Etude House's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails set in #3 Kiss of Fire, this week I'm also using the gradation set but in #6 Angels Kiss.

Same as the pink one, I have existing glitter polish that matches the third bottle =_=

And then~ My Polarized China Glaze polish arrived. I ordered the China Glaze Polish and the Seche Vite from Digital Traincase. I think my nail art addition is back. ^__^

I just love Polarized, I was expecting it to be like any other glitter polish, quite sheer and needs three coats for my nails to be fully covered in glitters. On the contrary, one to two coats is enough the polish is exploding with glitter! I loved it so much I just HAD to use it for my NOTW.

I was so confused on what color to use with silver... DUH~! Well, I was quite overwhelmed by how much I can do with my current purchases. I tried browsing through my Nail Art Magazines got confused on what design to do. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't figure out what color would look nice with silver. It took me several minutes to snap out of my confusion. Hahaha I picked my favorite red polish~!

This is actually one of my favorite polishes, maybe I should post an entry of all my favorite nail products?

As usual, my top coat. I still used my Skin food top coat on my red nails and patiently waited until my nails dry. I was hesitant in using the Seche vite one because I didn't want my nail art to peel off. But out of curiousity, I still used the Seche Vite on all my nails. It does dry quickly! Other than that, I can't say anything yet. I hope nothing happens to my nail art this week.

Used and abused

 1/3 left, my Skin food polish started to get thick. I need a solvent.

Last but not the least, my new Nail art decoractions~! I was finally able to use them on a nail art design. I'm still a little conservative with my designs but these decorations are so pretty that I want to go crazy with my nail art design.

I'm so happy with everything I bought from BornPretty. Definitely a great buy.... The silver rhinestones didn't go murky when I applied my top coat over them. I bought a rhinestone set (an expensive one too...) at some random nail art kiosk a long time ago, it was a big waste of money because all of the rhinestones become murky when you apply them on you nails. Also the metallic back of the rhinestones appear bubbly, probably a chemical reaction from the nail polish.

The resin rhinestones I got from the BornPretty store are obviously of better quality than the one's I bought at the mall. They're smaller, thinner and a lot more shiny.

It's my first time trying a nail art design using micro-beads, I've always wanted to try since I see a lot of designs with the beads in Japanese nail art magazines. I hope these beads are reusable, they so perfect for all the nail art designs I've been dying to try.

Actually, the beads are the main reason why I am absolutely loving my nail art right now. I've always been fascinated by Japanese nail art. It looks so simple and complicated at the same time. The beads are my one step closer to my goal.

I'll probably buy more~! I want more!

As for the pearls... It was a total nightmare trying to transfer the pearls to a different container. There was so much static that they seem to have a life of their own. Jumping all over the place, sticking to whatever they can stick to. I was trying so hard not to waste any but the static... I blame the humidity, though it was raining today...


I was trying to scrape the pearls out of the packaging, they all stuck to my hands instead.

I have 2 containers full of pearls~! I feel so rich hahaha!

I haven't tried the smaller pearls yet. Maybe for a dainty nail art design?

I only got to use 4 pearls from my pearl wheel. I was really tempted to put more but I want to save my pearls for just accents. I don't want to use them all up. I'm quite stingy when I like something >_<

I'm so happy about the nail art decorations, that I am really tempted to browse through the store and buy more.

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