NOTW: Cheese flavored bling

Orange nail polish makes me think of the moment you step out of a movie house and see the effects of the cheese popcorn you were eating while watching... an orange mess. Hahaha.

I decided to do my nails tonight because I was worried that I wouldn't have time tomorrow and on Saturday. I saw this picture and I wanted to try it using my Etude Party Queen nail art set in gold and my China Glaze in Riveting instead of my red glitter polish since I'll be wearing an orange outfit on Saturday.

Photo Credit

I didn't do my nail art as precise erm as "OC" as I usually do... I just sloppily did my nail art today and though it looks FAR from the picture I liked, I'm happy with how my nails turned out... I'll try to do the red and gold nail art next time.

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