Department Store Haul~!

[I should've posted this before my  NOTW entry] hihi~

I've been under the weather for the past few days because of stress at work, so I decided to splurge a bit and buy some pretty nail polishes for my last Nail Art accessories haul. I was only planning to go to Etude House to buy a bottle of the scented nail polish remover and then to the department store to buy a good nail polish color from china glaze. I spotted Tony Moly when I was on my way to the china glaze display =_= Tony Moly did more damage on my budget than my real purpose in the department store =_=

Here are the things I bought from Etude:

I bought a buffer and an emery board from etude and the brown Oh my Eye line liquid liner. The nail polish remover was out of stock :(

I was overwhelmed at the China Glaze display... I wanted 3 colors and a set =_=  I really had to stop myself from buying the silver polish so I ended up with these two, Bridezilla and Bare if you Dare. I already have afterglow which is similar to Bridezilla but afterglow is an iridiscent polish while Bridezilla is a glitter polish.. erm shimmer polish... erm.. whatever you call it.

The first photo was taken with a cam filter, this is the closest I could get to the colors.

 Tony Moly haul~!

I bought the Cool Pepper Body-Line Cleanser, a blue green eye shadow, and a grape juice scented nail polish remover. The Broccoli facial cleanser and the Tony Tint were free.

I love the body-line cleanser! I can't say if it is effective yet, but it feels like I swam in a pool of menthol. I think I'll wait until the rainy season is over. I only hope I don't use this in the morning while I'm half asleep bathing =_= I'd be harassed early in the morning.

I chose blogging over playing Diablo 3, so here I am deprived, I took a shot of the miniature lip tint. It looks like a greater health potion to me right now~

My bare nails... I find it too long already, need to cut them short. Well, I just took off my pink sparkly glitter gradient nail art and I was surprised to see that my nails turned yellow T^T It doesn't show in the picture but it was really yellow I tried brushing my nails with toothpaste (which usually works for me), but I only lessened the stain.

What do you usually do for nail polish stains?

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