Cinderella photo dump

I feel like Cinderella today, not because of the curfew, but because of the transformation. This morning, I went to Tony and Jackey, my favorite salon, to have my hair curled temporarily. I costs 500 Pesos but it was totally worth it. I love how my hair turned out.

Anyway, here's a photo dump of my Cinderella-ish day today. ^_^ I had so much fun at my friend's wedding ^_^.

The sugar-rushed candy hoarders.

 I wouldn't be smiling in this picture if it weren't for the candies they served.. lol

Same pose different angle~
 Says the camwhore noob~! Here are some clearer shots of my curly hair:

This is probably my only post with the most number of vanity shots/self-portraits or pictures of myself ^_^ I just felt really pretty today I didn't want to remove my make up, wash my hair or even take off the dress I was wearing, but I did. Until the next opportunity to dress up and be pretty ^_^

Today was a great day ^_^

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