NOTW: Etude's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails No. 2

I decided to take some pictures of my current nail art using some photography apps I currently discovered because of Xiaxue's blog post: Best Photo-Editing iPhone Apps. And yes, I find her blog fun to read. I admire her for her radical honesty. ^_^

I don't have an iPhone but I assumed most of the Photo editing apps in itunes are available in the android market ^_^ I downloaded Camera 360 and Photo Wonder and I am absolutely enjoying the camera filters.

Feast your eyes on the pink sparkly glitter gradients~!

I used the Sunshine filter from Camera 360 for this shot

I have the same glitter gradient in gold, which I love to death. Aside from that, I love gradient nail art, it is the most forgiving nail art design.  I would really recommend those who are interested in doing your own nail art to try gradient nails. All you need  is a sponge and 2 to 3 nail colors of your choice~

 Or a gradient nail art set like this ^_^ Etude's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails No. 2: Kiss Of Fire

I love Etude House Polishes
I bought 3 more  (Orange, Purple, and Silver) of these "gradation" nails sets last time. I'll post some pictures when I get to use the others. Actually, I already used the orange one but I didn't get to take a photo of it since it looked messy and I think I need to observe a little bit more since my nails turned a little yellow after the orange polish.. which never happens whenever I use my Etude polishes... :(

These are polishes are smaller than the previous nail art sets I bought from Etude before. The glitters from the middle polish are finer than the gold party queen nail art set.

Base: Soft Pink
Middle: Lovely Pink
Top: Kiss Kiss Pink
I used the Grace filter for these pictures
 I knew that I already had the two glitter polishes in my stash and I still bought the set!!

What makes it worse is... erm see picture below... =_=

I have three! Well from the picture above, you can see how abused the polish is? Even though I have 3 of them I think I can finish it all up since I use this color as my base coat for most of my nail art designs. It protects my nails from turning yellow~!

I still used the grace filter here

Honestly, I more ecstatic about my phone apps than my nail art. I expected a little too much, I guess. The gold gradation set is still the best.

Oh well.. >: ) Last photo dump using Photo wonder~!


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