Mall rage and shoe addictions

I haven't been posting much on my blog recently, I'm having an artist block. All my hobbies have been put on hold. I couldn't do a decent nail art, I can't even draw any chibi (Japanese slang for small child) characters on Sai. My drawings end up looking like disfigured children rather than cute children...

So, what have I been up to for the past few days after posting my only successful artwork in the 8 years I've had my graphics tablet? (and yes, I've had my tablet since 2004.. oh oops, off topic).

I have been wreaking havoc in all the malls that I can go to. In 3 weeks, I've already purchased 3 pairs of shoes. I practically buy one pair of shoes and/or flip flops every other year so this is a big deal for me (and my wallet). I've already bought 6 pairs this year. 2 wedges, 1 gladiator sandals, 2 red ballet flats and a pair of pumps.

I know the shoes I bought aren't as fashionable as the shoes other bloggers post. But, I'm not a fashion forward person so these are bold enough for me hehe.

Anyway, I bought these three on sale at Payless Shoe Store at Shangri La. They're all painful to walk in =_= even the flats.

These two, I bought at SM Department store. The plain red ballet flats are from Parisian. I got it for around 500 pesos. I never though Parisian shoes were cheap! The pink floral one, I got from Solemate for only 300 pesos. ^__^

I love my floral flats... my officemates loved them too! Two of my officemates bought themselves a pair on the day I was wearing mine.

Initially, I only wanted to buy the red flats. Ever since I started this blog, I have been searching for the perfect  red ballet flats. Remember the odd hobby I had when I was working near Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Ave. I love people watching in the morning in that area, the people are so pretty~! Unfortunately, the links in my old post are broken. :( I only remember that I saw two girls in a white floral blouse, black slacks and red flats walking near my office, she's the reason why I started hunting for the perfect red flats and I finally found one ^_^ Well, close to perfect... I need to break them in.

Matching shoes in the office haha!
Save the best for last~! *drumroll*

My first ever pair of pumps! Again, these type of shoes are already bold enough for a not so fashion forward person. Maybe if I took a picture of all my shoes, My blue wedge, pink flats, the red flats and this brown pair would pop up since most of my shoes are black or dark brown.

I saw this pair at Marks and Spencer (MOA) several weeks ago and took me until this afternoon to finally decide to buy this pair. I was totally amazed by how comfy this pair was when I first tried them on. If I had money the first time I saw the pair I would've bought it immediately... but I didn't. When I went back to MOA to buy them, they ran out of my size. Good thing I passed by Shangri La this afternoon.

I still got blisters on my toes when I wore them to work. My feet died after lunch. I still need to practice wearing heels and invest on good quality foot socks.

I really admire the fashion bloggers who can walk around in heels during events and stuff.

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