Look what I got~! A BornPretty Haul.

This is my last minute post for today, I'm so exhausted and I think I already starting to doze off. But before that, look what came in the mail for me today~!

I got the nail art accessories I purchased from the Born Pretty online store

I was ready to wait a few more weeks but I already got the notice from our local post office that a package came in for me~! However, I wasn't able to get the packaged this morning so I asked someone else to get it for me... I was thinking about it the WHOLE day despite being awake for practically 36 hours =_=

I couldn't wait to open it! Here's what I got:

Nail Art Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decorations that come in 3 sizes + Wheel ($4.14)
10000 pcs of 1.5mm White Colored Pearls for Nail Art ($7.10)
10000 pcs of 1.5mm Silver rhinestone for Acrylic UV Gel Nail art ($7.37)
Gold & Silver 3D Steel Ball Nail Art Decoration ($4.17)

Who needs balls of steel, I mean steel balls~!
I thought the steel balls would be bigger but they are so small~! I am really excited to use these. Gotta bring out my nail art magazines and compile a few design inspirations!

I wanted to get a different color, but I ended up with plain silver because it's a lot easier to use in terms of design. I wanted to try it out first before I hoard.

Different sizes of pearls, I have plans for the bigger ones. >: )

Tiny pearls! I'm currently speechless about these... I don't need them, but when I was buying I felt that I HAD to have a bag of them. Even though the sweet, dainty, romantic look doesn't really suit me, I just had to buy these because of the many designs I can think of doing with these little pearls. Even though the cute, sweet, dainty, romantic style looks terrifying on me =_= (Even though I hope I could look cute and dainty), I need a stylist!

I'm so happy with my purchases! I will definitely do some posts using my new nail art accessories~! I need to wait until my glitter polish starts chipping or when my nail growth start to show... Oh no, that might take a little less than 2 weeks.. hihihi! Perks of glitter polish (long lasting) and gradient nail art (nail growth isn't obvious depending on the colors used).

Since I can't say much about the products at the moment, I'll share a little bit of my first time experience with the online shop.

 There were some mix ups with my email at first and I got worried that I couldn't get the tracking number for my package. But as soon as I sent an email to the customer service, they were able to resolve the issue I had. I the customer service I got was absolutely great. They already solved the problem  when they replied to my first mail. I didn't even have to pester them.

But the thing that I loved the most about the customer service was that they seem to welcome comments and suggestions. I informed them that they might have a bug on their website. Since I look for bugs (system defects) for a living, It was kind of second nature for me to inform them about the issue, so I did. I didn't get and negative comments or any bs reason I hear from some developer just to avoid the defect.

I would probably purchase more things from them. ^__^

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