Following the Instagram Bandwagon: Photo dump~! (IMG heavy)

I haven't posted much for the past few days. As usual, I'm uninspired to do anything. I can't draw, I can't do a decent nail art design, I am totally broke... =_= Well, the last one sums everything up. The lack of funds... /end

I'm more active in taking instagram shots since it became available on the Android market. My android phone has a better camera than my itouch. I'm slightly depressed about a photo walk opportunity I'll miss tomorrow so I'm posting my old instagram pictures for the past few days. I also added an instagram gadget on my blog layout too. To show that I'm still somehow alive.

First of all... Nail art. Although I did say that I haven't had a decent nail art design for so long... This was pretty decent but I took it off after a few days because I made a mistake with the colors and the top coat.

I've been a little extra obsessed with raspberries (again). I wonder what triggered it back.

nom nom nom
Raspberry Macaroons.. nom nom nom

More raspberry noms (plus a pink notebook from saizen)
Sweets and more sweets.

This is my cup cover, I've had it since Christmas and I was only able to take a picture of it a while ago... =_=


I had 2 cups of yogurt, a shot glass of some jello thingy, one pavlova and some other desert when my officemates and I ate at Buffet 101. These two made my day


The mushy strawberry looked like a cherry, I was fooled!!!

Random Creatures, the first picture is my car's new friend. His name is Mark. He is a fashionista worm... I should take more pictures of his clothes and his numerous hair styles.

Hello Mark

This pig is an unnamed pig. I haven't adopted him yet.. but I have already taken him as hostage from an unwilling officemate. He gets panic attacks often...


Here's my lousy 8 year old Graphics Tablet... I think it needs to be replaced.

If only you were bigger.

Cheap Bling blings... I'm not afraid of gold anymore. ^_^

Here are my lucky shots:

Someone was grilling something and I was practically smoked out of my room because of it. I wanted to rant as hard as I can but I was distracted by the "ray of light" I saw by our front door. Lol.

I took this picture while I was exploring around our house wahaha~! I was surprised to see something that looked like a miniature rose growing in a pot at home. *Snap*

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