L'oreal Base Magique

I actually left this post in my drafts for so long! I completely forgot about it!

I thought about buying this for 2 weeks... I've read mixed reviews about it but I still ended up buying. I wanted something like Etude's Goodbye Pore Ever but for the whole face. I was super excited when I swatched this. It was like Photoshop in a tub, even better than Goodbye Pore Ever. Unfortunately, I broke out with MASSIVE pimples. I don't usually get huge pimples and I've hardly changed my routine except for this... *sigh* It's too good to be true...

I spent P945 for this so I really need to make this work! *sobs* I wonder what I can do..


  1. maybe you weren't able to really take it off your skin,sweetie?

    read the ingredients. maybe there's something there that doesn't sit well with you.

    i remember using smashbox primer years ago & the next day i woke up with whiteheads. as i continue using it, my zits became cystic acne later on.

    i tried using cleansing oil as my remover but it didn't work. found out i'm allergic to silicone.

    then i bought clarins primer just a few months ago (which has silicone din.tigas ng ulo ko no?hehe) & it still gives me zits so i just use it rarely. iba pa din kasi pag silicone ang primer e.

    you might to try benefit's dr feelgood. it's a good primer & i didn't experience any bad effect even if i am using it everyday. it's silicone-free i think.

  2. Super thanks for the advice!
    I'll try using it again and go crazy OC while cleansing. Habang nag iipon for a better primer ^___^

  3. try using an oil-based remover just to be sure,sweets.

    oil is notorious in removing any unwanted 'left overs' on your skin e. just make sure that you wash it off with soap ha, any lingering oil could backfire din kasi e.

    i wish that you'll be able to make this product work for you