I just couldn't help it...

I bought another lipstick from etude... Even though my lips chap like crazy when I wear lipstick, I still couldn't help myself and bought another lipstick.

I'm so happy I found shades that look nice on my skin. Apparently, neutral colors and purple shades look good on me ^_^ I still can't grasp how warm or cool toned a lipstick is right now so I try on a lot of lipsticks. The first two lipsticks that looked good on me were from Etude's Dear My Blooming Lips line. I posted about it here. Out of the two lipsticks, I was only able to buy 1 shade... until a 2 days after buying my first choice... =_=

 Normally, lighter shades of lipsticks make me look like I was dead for a few days... in short, they make me look sick. But BE 103 doesn't.

I still can't capture the true color on cam.

I should swatch the lipsticks on my lips but my lips are really dry so I'm too shy to post a picture of my lips right now.

I think it's the weather plus the lipsticks. At the end of the day, my lips feel like I've slathered a super dry lip scrub on my lips. I hope something can improve the condition of my lips.

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