Nail of the Week #1 and a few random things

I'm trying out this "Nail of the Week" thing bloggers do... We'll see how far I'll get doing this..

My friend bought me a Konad Stamping Kit 2 weeks ago. The kit came with the M2 plate. It's a floral plate with a cow/cat/creature.

I should have taken a shot of the plate BEFORE using it.

I went for a lacy floral design, I layered the daisy print

Nail polishes I used
Base color: Skin Food's #3 Grapefruit Juice/Drink
Stamp Color: The pink polish from Etude's Wanna be Style nails #2
Top coat Winmax Delicia #8 and Skin Food's Nail Vita Top Coat

The Grapefruit nail polish is currently my favorite nail polish.. I wore it 2 consecutive times now... I love how my fingers/nails look like they're "blushing" HAHAHA!
I took an Instagram shot~
A little off topic:
There's this post/guide about how to learn korean in 15 minutes. Ever since I read it I've been translating stuff like a maniac! Hahaha! The guide is really effective! I never thought Hangul/Hangeul was a whole lot easier than learning Hiragana and Katakana.

I didn't know the name of the color so I tried out the guide and it made my day...

The first row says ㅅ킨 푸드 "Skin Food"
The second 궈욀조네욀 is Gwo-oel-jo no-oel I still don't know any Korean words... let's see... google my friend, I need you..

궈욀조 Magic Lock
네욀 Magic

*nose bleed*

The third row was the color name 3ㅎ 자몽주  #3 Jamong (Grape fruit) joo (probably 'Juice').

Weee~! I'm so ecstatic that I can SLOWLY translate the characters with the guide so I tried it with the Pink Etude Polish~

2ㅎ 쏘 큐트 러브 - #2 Sso kyuteu reobeu or So Cute Love! This is so fun!!!

^__^ I love online virtual keyboards!
http://www.branah.com/korean - Type by character
http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/korean.htm - Type by sound

My name: 에리카
nickname: 액아이 or 카이

=_= It's easier to write my name in Katakana... エカイ or エリカ. Or maybe I was just exposed to Japanese characters earlier... It's always fun learning something new!

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