Cheat day - Indulging the lemming in me

I've been trying really hard to be a little thrifty for the past few months. Despite the "stinginess" I ended up buying what I was drooling over 2 weeks ago.. seriously, I really lack discipline.

I posted my etude lipstick wish list 2 weeks ago. I wanted 5 out of 36 lipsticks on the "Dear My Blooming Lips" line

OR202, OR206, RD303, RD304, BE104
Out of the 5 BE104 was the only shade that suited me. I was only able to try 2 shades, BE103 and BE104 from the BE row but both shades were gorgeous! I didn't have enough cash and I wasn't able to bring my card so my wallet was spared from an impulse buy.. I ended up buying only one item, BE104. I'm bothered that I wasn't able to buy BE103, though. T^T

I love the packaging!
I currently have 3 etude lipsticks
 The color was intimidating on the tube and the box... out of all the testers, it was the only lipstick that was left untouched. I was totally amazed when I tried it on my lips.

I wish I can read and translate what's on the box, oh yeah, I can practice reading on the box~!

I really love the box as much as the product packaging itself..

=_= I took a picture of the whole box..

Super cute packaging!

I had to lower the exposure settings of my camera to see the sparkles

I love the cute little bow

No matter what I did, I wasn't able to get a good shot of the lipstick. I didn't get the true color of the product., although the first picture (the color chart), is close to the true color of the lipstick and the swatch.

The color isn't as intense...

My other etude lipsticks. These colors are too loud for me but I'm really excited seeing how much product I've used up already!

Again, the picture doesn't show the real colors of the lipsticks... I gotta improve on taking product pictures.

Just another random shot of the bottoms...

I kinda feel ashamed that I give in so easily when it comes to shopping. However, I'm still planning to buy the BE103 lipstick! Wahahaha

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