Sassy Nail Art Brush and Pen duo

I completely forgot about posting this! I was really excited that I found these at a Watson's branch near my office last November.

I wish they had better color choices though. The silver and gold pens were the only colors that stood out... the rest were just the typical primary or secondary colors. I also noticed that some pens had the pins (for removing clogs) stuck at the bottom of the tube, the metallic ones had none.. I was too shy to take one from the other tubes and stick them on the ones I was buying...

I bought the metallic gold and silver pens..

The brushes are not so thin but I like it, especially for doing french tips..

It has a stopper for the pen.. but I think it's a little too short..

36 pesos for each~ not bad considering other nail art pens costs around 100++ php

My gold french tip variation~! I really think my color preferences are changing drastically...

Hmmm... Maybe I should try a solid gold nail next time.

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