Nail Art: Just in Time for Valentine's

Despite being single this coming Valentine's day, I feel giddy and happy for some reason I even grew my nails long. I cant explain why... but consider it a celebration of freedom independence.

I didn't want to go overboard with reds and pinks this Valentine's day so I went with purple and pink. Here are the nail polishes I used.

As usual I used my skin food top coat~

I used Petite Darling Nails PP905 as my base color

The Face Shop's erm...PP405 (It's a 3 year old polish.. or older...)

Etude's Lucidarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #01

Etude's Lucidarling Fantastic Nails Spangle #05

Finished nails~!

I added some rhinestones... but unfortunately the rhinestones are of poor quality... * sighs * and to think I bought the wheel for P200. 

Anyway, I played around with some image editor hehehe~ I like how the images came out..

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