Tony Moly Mini Haul

I went to Tony Moly to buy some random stuff because I was really curious about the brand. The first time I went in the store in Megamall, I didn't buy anything. Most of their packaging were so cute but I wanted to do a little more research about the best sellers.

I ended up buying the Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, the Pocket Bunny Mist, and the Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid. The rest are freebies~! Freebie Love~!

The first time I used the Tomatox Pack... I was tearing up because it stung so bad! However, it did make my skin lighter and the 2nd and 3rd time I used the pack didn't hurt as much.

I still haven't used the rest of my haul. I'm keeping my mist in my bag in case of my allergies. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke. Most people around my office are rude smokers, the smoke by the doorways so there's no escape... I used Evian mist before but it's expensive!

I'm keeping the Foot Peeling liquid as back up.. I'll use it when I'm either super stressed or demoralized by work... It'll give me something to look forward to ^_^ 14 days of horrendous peeling towards pretty feet.. and I would rather not post any pictures of it... my foot appeal experience was already too much...

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