Skin Care Routine

I finally have a skin care routine I enjoy~!

Most people can categorize me with Combination Skin. Normally my skin is very dry but when I put anything on my skin, I get so oily.

Here are the skin care products I've been using lately.

I know.. I know.. that's a WHOLE lot of stuff.. but most are stuff I don't use regularly like my masks and I have a lot of back ups XD.

I only have a regular night routine though. On days I go to the office I just cleanse my face with my Peach Happy Teatime Cleanser and then put my toner then put on make up.

At night, especially on weekdays, I use these three make-up removers (excluding my sunflower oil). Since I have been regularly putting on make up I never skip this first step. I only use my Human Nature sunflower oil when I want to remove my make up when I'm in the office.

Removing my make up is normally the first thing I do as soon as I enter my room. Unless of course I'm in the mood for vanity photo shoots~!

I love my Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid, it makes my face feel smooth... After removing my make up, I wash off the oils from the make up removers with my Peach tea happy tea time cleanser.

The lemon tea cleanser and my cetaphil cleansers are my back ups. I haven't opened the lemon one and I use cetaphil when I have allergies.

My Dickinkson's Witch Hazel Toner is my staple at the moment. I love how my skin feels after putting it on.

After my toner, I put on these products:

  • Intense Repair Live Snail Ampoule - I'm still waiting for noticeable results for this
  • Tea Tree Oil - I've tried and tested this tea tree oil for my acne and some scars. I just wasn't religiously putting it on.
  • Erase Tretinoin solution - I also just bought this recently, but when I went to a derma a looooonnng time ago, he recommended this to remove my freckles, it really worked but it was too expensive for me at that time
  • Vitacreme B12 - It doesn't do anything on my skin T^T (I bought this last October.)
  • Dr Lash Ampule - I'm only using this until I run out... hmph.

Final step is my moisturizer~! I don't particularly love this moisturizer I just want to finish it up as well. It's a day cream but I use it at night doesn't really matter to me right now... I still haven't found any moisturizer that works for me. I'll probably look for good moisturizers that can do help get rid of my freckles...

I usually slather a generous amount of moisturizer on my face at night. In the morning my face is oily hydrated enough that I can last a day with out my moisturizer. As I've said, when I put anything on my face I get really oily. However, I have my Pocket bunny in case of emergency~!

Here are the stuff I can't use daily~! I only use these products on mornings I work from home and during weekends. I use them after toning my skin. I'm still not sure if I can put on other products on my skin after these products so I'm playing it safe.

  • Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack for Whitening~
  • Aspirin Mask for erm.. a lot of stuff~!
  • Intense Repair Live Snail Pack: Also for whitening~

Rub Me Tender and Magic Bubble Peeling

My beloved peel off masks and other facial masks~!

The daiso products and the garnier masks are my favorite of the bunch. I've already used up my other masks and this is all that's left from my hoarding phase.

 This is my back up cleanser~! I bought this because I can remove my make up while whitening my skin~ =_= that sounded cheesy.

I still don't have an eye cream for wrinkles... any suggestions?

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  1. hi, do you still use Pure Beauty cleansing oil? May I please know where do you usually buy that product? Thank you! :)