Gold Nail art and some improvements...

I've been loving yellow and gold for the past few months. I feel like something in me is changing... I used to be someone who couldn't wear anything except dark colors and red. My wardrobe mainly consists of black and gray clothes and a few red or blue items. Until recently, I only had 1 yellow item in my closet which was a gift from my Aunt.

I noticed that I'm more adventurous with colors now, especially yellow and orange. I even bought a mustard cardigan and a REALLY bright yellow tunic and I've been wearing my yellow green smiley shirt a lot, which is the only 'green' item in my closet.

I think my color preference is showing on my nail art as well. I think it started when I saw some metallic gold and silver nail art pens at Watson's. I also wore the gold gradiation nails two weeks ago.

Anyway here's another gold nail art inspired by my Majolica Majorca pouch.

I used my Majolica pouch as the background haha!
I wanted to do the MMJ crown logo on my middle finger but I failed miserably so I just added some rhinestones.

I'm really loving my etude nail polishes. I can wear the polishes for 1 to 2 weeks without my nails turning yellow. I've been using the same polishes since last month hahaha!

It's like I painted my pouch with the etude glitter polish!
I finally had the courage to use these. I bought the small wheel at a random art store near my office for 69 Php and the bigger wheel for 200 php at a nail art kiosk at Robinson's galleria.

I forgot about the pink lining of my MMJ pouch until after my nails dried. I was frustrated about not being able to draw the white MMJ crown but when I saw that the rhinestones I put on was the same color as the lining, I was happy. ^_^

On the other hand, I'm still frustrated about Japanese nail art. I feel most of my work look tacky compared to the Japanese nail art I see on the magazines. I know I shouldn't compare my work to the work of professionals... but I've always said (with regards to art) "As long as I have the right tools, I can do anything"

Am I being to hard on myself?

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