Fear of wrinkles and freckles

I feel like I'm getting wrinkles around my eyes and I'm getting really paranoid about it. I still have a lot of insecurities about my skin. Not my skin color though...

I want to have clearer skin. The whole time that I've kept my blog I've always mentioned my desire to have clearer skin. I have been hoarding a lot of make up products and skin care products for the past few years and still I can't get rid of my freckles and I have dry skin.

I started my blog December 2009 and several posts later, my blog started to become a journal for self development. I've blogged about my new hobbies, my little goals, my health... *sigh* I only noticed 'til today that my posts have revolved around my new year's resolutions.

Which includes... clearer skin. I've had this wish since 2009.. I've never been so desperate about it though.. until this year. I really hope by the end of 2012 my freckles are gone.. That's 12 months to work for clearer skin.

I feel slightly ashamed that I'm getting vain, but it's something I really want.

In line with wrinkles and freckles, I passed by Tony Moly and checked out some eye creams for wrinkles.. Since they ran out I looked for something that was whitening and fights aging. The sales attendant recommended their Live Snail line and gave me the most potent product in their line which was the Intense Repair Live Snail Ampoule.

It drained the life out of my wallet at 2528 Php (58 USD)... but the sales lady said one vial can last 1 - 2 weeks... so it can probably last maximum of 4 months...

I had to email Tony Moly for the instructions on how to use the Pack that was included. I didn't want to take a risk on my skin. There was a pamphlet included in the box with instructions on how to use the vials but not the pack...

Here are the instructions the Tony Moly rep sent me:

Ampoule - After the essential preparation, apply about 1ml and allow it to be absorbed into the skin or mix it with cream, use before mask to enhance its absorption.
Snail pack – After washing, apply to entire face avoid eye and mouth area, leave for 15~20 minutes and rinse out.


I've only used it once, and true to what the sales lady told me, I only needed a few drops to cover my face in  the essence

The Snail Pack didn't really do much for me when I tried it on. Supposedly it's for Skin Regeneration and Intense Hydration (according to another Tony Moly rep.).

I'm still keeping my hopes up... I want to be able to finish a lot of products before spending on new stuff..


  1. I have some wrinkle problems, but I'm not paranoid about this thing, because I used many great skin tightening creams, which were very good for me...I love that I have the desired results :D I hope you'll get rid of them as you want.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement ^_^ I'm think my paranoia comes from my frustration about my skin.. I really hope the stuff I bought would work as well.. I'm still in search of a good eye cream >_<

  3. I love your blog, new follower here. ♥
    I was searching for reviews on Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Ampoule, because I am interested on buying and trying it, but I want to make sure that if there is any good reviews. ♥ Thanks for posting♥

    Rochelle ♥

  4. @Rochelle, Thanks!! I also can't find any reviews about the ampoule, but it's already sold out at Tony Moly at SM Mega when I checked yesterday. :)

  5. Hello Kai! Please, please, please, post a review about this product. I'm really interested to try this but it's too expensive to experiment with. I would love to hear what you think about it. Thank you.

  6. Hi there, was the ampoule good? Planning to get this one since Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Essence worked really well on my skin. Looking forward to your reply :)

  7. It was good and It lasted quite a long time. I also got a lot of compliments like, "How come your face still looks the same as it was in High School" and "I thought you're younger" while I was using it :)

  8. How long did it last? I have oily skin. I prefer essence & ampoule type since they are lightweight moisturizers. Thanks for replying. :)

  9. It lasted me for a year but I'm was not that religious with my skin care and was experimenting with other treatments. However, I think the sales lady was quite right about the vials lasting for around 2 weeks.

    It made me a little oily despite my dry skin, so I only used the essence at night. I switched to Etude's Moistful products (the collagen ones). It seemed to suit my skin better.