Etude Nail Polish Haul~!

Ok... The last time I wandered off to Megamall without a purpose I saw that they had new Nail polishes. =_= I bought all the new boxes of nail polishes except for 1 that was on display.

I bought the following:
Party Queen Gradation Nails #03 (348 Php or 8 USD)
Wanna Be Style Nails #1 (348 Php or 8 USD)
Wanna Be Style Nails #2 (348 Php or 8 USD)

The Silver Party girl Gradation kit was available but I thought it would look a little too boring... I only found out that there's also a pink version of the party girl kit... I want it!

Here are the nail polishes out of the boxes.

 These two are my initial favorites, I first swatched the hot pink polish on my nails and I fell in love with the color. I never thought that hot pink would look good on me.

The kit also had stickers in the box :)

The next two boxes are impulse buys... I loved the gray polish but I'm a slightly hesitant about the light pink.

More stickers! 

I didn't notice until I was taking pictures, the stickers had the same design but the other one was lighter :)

Here are the Party Girl Nail polishes. I couldn't imagine how the gradation would work by just looking at the bottles.

I was disappointed that I bought a duplicate of a nail polish I bought last year...

 My current nail polish~! The glitters at the ends felt a little weird and kept on snagging on my clothes so I applied a lot of top coat so that they get a little smoother. I hope my nails wont discolor. I've been wearing my polish for almost a week now.

This is the most distracting snack ever... can't stop munching on cookies~!

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