Dainty Nails and Japanese nail art

I got a little OC (obsessive compulsive) about my gradient nails so I removed them and cut my nails short again.

The Party Queen Gradiation polishes were a nightmare to remove it lasted me more than a week before I got tired/OC about my nails.

Etude announced that they have a Flaunt Your nails contest... I thought it was a nail art contest but contestants are only allowed to use 1 favorite nail polish from Etude, oh well. I lost interest because of that. Here's a link for the contest details if anyone's interested.

I did my nails anyway, despite the short stubby nails. I still used my etude polishes except for my top coat. I've discovered that they don't stain my nails as bad as the local brands. I don't even use a base coat for my etude polishes.

I used instagram to take this picture.. hehehe

I used the following:

1. Base: Petite Darling Nails PK013
2. Sparkles: the sparkly glitter polish from the Party Queen Gradiation Set #03 and the Lucidarling fantastic nails 05# (I think.. it's the silver glitters)

What do Japanese nail art have that's so pretty? =_= They look super simple and clean despite having different designs per nail. Some designs use different colors.. and some nails are super 3D with lots of pearls and rhinestones but they still look so clean...

Like this: 

and this:
*sigh* when I look at magazine scans from Japan I get super overwhelmed that I couldn't do any nail art for a few weeks.. =_= I wish I can create something as pretty.

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