Products I've finished up

Here are some products I've finished up... I rarely finish up stuff, I'm proud to post this entry~ Hahahaha!
I did finish up some other products like hair treatments, anti perspirants and some other stuff.

I'm only posting the important stuff I was able to use up like my Daiso Charcoal mask, my Asian Secrets Lulur scrub, my Witch hazel toner and my make up remover.

My Make up remover is actually the highlight of this post. ^_^ I really can't believe I used it all up. Well I've been putting on make up a lot more. The Witch Hazel toner is also something surprising for me, since I've realized I've formed a good skin care habit ^_^ The bottle of toner here is actually my second bottle ^_^

I posted a picture of this lip and cheek tint from TBS, I don't use it that much but for someone who never finishes any lip product, this is a great improvement, right?


  1. Makeup blog transition? :) Sabihan mo ko pag mag Galle ka ha, pabili ng charcoal mask and the other thing <3

  2. >_< Noooo~ Sure sure... isip ka pa ng iba pang papa bili at baka kung ano pa ang ma bitbit ko pa uwi.