Make Up Collection

I just wanted to post my clutter collection for fun. I thought I had a whole lot but compared to other people I'd say I only have the essentials and a few others hahaha!

Eye products:

I didn't realize I had a lot of eyeliners including my gel liner. The two liners on top have never been used... I don't really know why I bought them, I'll probably use them when my MMJ liner runs out. I only have 1 mascara. I've tried other mascaras but my MMJ mascara is my fave. I also have brown eyebrow pencil that I only use for the sharpener... I don't use it since I don't know how.

Lip products:

I have so many lip glosses! I've never used the palettes since I'm intimidated by the colors, eventually I'll try them on. I also have a ton of lip balms.

Face products:

Yaaay Shiseidooo~! I obviously don't have much... I only have 1 mineral foundation, 2 bottles of the Shiseido liquid foundation, a concealer that's too pink for my skin, a tinted moisturizer that I don't remember why I stopped using and 2 blushes.

Though, compared to other people my "collection" is nothing but I'm still overwhelmed. I think I'll try (my very best) to stop my make up purchases. Skin care products are a different story though... =_=

At the moment, I'm only searching for a good everyday shade of lipstick... since, I'm happy with my eye products and my face products. I actually forgot about my Shiseido matte lipstick... I guess I'm good! All that's left is learning how to use the products I hardly touched!

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