GEO Lens adventure

I just wanted to share my first 3 attempts at putting on circle lenses.

My first attempt was PAINFUL! I don't know what I did wrong but it felt like something was scraping at my lids!! It was so painful I couldn't even open my eyes. However, my eyes weren't irritated afterwards and my eyes didn't go red.

My second attempt was kinda funny, I was able to put in the circle lens at my second try! It didn't hurt the first 5 seconds or so since I was able to look at the difference between my left and right eye and say "Wooow" then stand up then look behind before it started to hurt! HAHAHAHA!!

For my third attempt, I was actually successful at putting it on. Achievement~! Woohoo~!!! I put some lubricating eye drops before putting on my contacts.. I can only do my left eye but I'll work on my right eye next! One step at a time!

I was able to take 3 pictures of my alien like eyes hahaha.. 3 shots.. obviously I was already comfortable to move around, send some text messages to some people about the contacts, send another IM to another friend HAHAHA Yes I'm excited since my useless purchase is no longer useless!

Alien eyes~!

With flash and a bad ass lamp shade in front of me.
Next eye~! HAHAHA~! (Ok I feel silly now). I'll try to take more pictures when I'm comfortable enough to wear both.

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