Experimental: Trying out my brown geo lenses

Since one of my green contacts hurt when I put them on, I tried on my brown ones. It feels much better than my green geo lenses. My eyes are still dry but they're much more comfortable than the green ones.

Self portrait mode!!! vain vain vain vain~

I think I found my Domo Pouch... (Behind me, on my pillow)
Also, I experimented using my MMJ liquid liner. I think I'm also getting better at applying liquid liners.. Yay for starting to look presentable!!! I was successful at doing... erm putting... erm... =_= (whatever) applying a winged eyeliner look... =_= I have no idea how to say it.. lol!

It's really interesting how a pair of 14mm contacts (and eyeliner) can make my face look different, in a pleasant way. I hope my self esteem wont depend on geo lenses. Actually, I don't need them, they're just some experimental stuff I bought online. Although, I have to admit... they're fun to wear, especially during my camwhoring vanity sessions.

The lenses aren't as noticeable in person, they're much more obvious on pictures (So they're probably good for photo sessions only). An officemate told me that he didn't notice anything different when I wore my green ones in the office. I guess I'd get the same reaction for my brown ones... I'll give them a test run soon.

I couldn't get the same look I got when I was wearing my green geo lenses. I loved that picture...

I still don't know what I wanted to get out of buying and experimenting with geo lenses. I'll chalk it up to curiosity and vanity as well.

My mind's starting to shut down... time to sleep.. I should've finished working on my clay projects instead of indulging my vanity...

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