Circle Lenses: I just couldn't wait

I tried putting the lenses on again! SUCCESS!!!

=_= I tried putting the lenses on as soon as I got out of the shower~! Hahahaha I don't think there's anything fantastic about how it looks on me though... This is the Nudy Green Geo Lens. Maybe it'll look better if I had some make up on? I'm still hesitant about putting on make up with the contacts on...

I wanna see what the brown ones look on my eyes.


  1. it's perectly fine to apply make up with lenses on.. unless you don't get along withthe contacts ., as in running eyes, itching, and so on..

    they look cute :)

  2. @Sapphire: Thanks for the tips ^_^ I'm still not used to wearing the contacts but I'm trying ^__^