Another first: Geo Lenses

I do not know what has gotten into me.. I recently purchased 2 pairs of Geo Lenses from aigooshoppe.multiply.com. I read about this shop from syry-online.blogspot.com. (I totally understand why she recommended this seller.) ^_^

I have never tried wearing contact lenses before since I have 20/20 vision and being a late bloomer I was never in with the current fads during high school (My classmates in HS wore flashy colored contact lenses like purple and blue). I still couldn't explain why I decided to purchase Geo Lenses just now... Oh wait, I think it's their promo.

I haven't tried them on yet. Ms. Val, the seller, told me to soak my lenses for 6 hours before trying them on. So at the moment, I'm still waiting. ^__^

Although, I took pictures while opening the vials of my lenses.. I was so excited! I was actually expecting the package to arrive tomorrow (Monday), but to my surprise I got it while I was eating lunch today! (Happy~!)

2 pairs of lenses and 2 pairs of piggy cases!!

FC-724 (Fresh Brown Geo Lens)

CH-623 Nudy Green


I had to use my craft pliers to open them (Anti Clumsy)

This is what I really wanted initially

I decided to add in a brown circle lens.

The caps~

I took out the metal stuff underneath the caps.
I can't really say anything about the lenses yet , all I can say is that I had a really good experience buying from Ms. Val. I placed an order on the website on Friday and I got a reply on Saturday morning and received my purchases on Sunday~! Best service ever!

Even if Circle lenses aren't really my thing, I would probably buy from aigooshoppe again.

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  1. Hmmmm, if it makes you happy why not~ Though lenses have an expiration date. :)