Saizen Haul: Part 2!

I made another trip to Saizen today! Dunno what triggered my wanderlust for the past few weeks... but this morning was quite a busy morning for me.

First, I had another haircut at my all time favorite salon, Tony and Jackey (Makati). I forgot my last stylist so I was assigned a new one, Candy... I love her as much as Ms. Hani! She FINALLY let me have the style I've always tried to get (Although I can't be sure if it looks exactly like it because they curled my hair after).

I always feel pretty after getting a cut at T&J

 Pretty enough to take self portraits! (Which I hardly do!)

I just love my curls, maybe I should perm my hair.
After my hair cut, I went straight to Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas. I would've said "I went straight to Saizen at Robinson's Galleria, Oritigas" but I was sidetracked by THIS:

The picture makes me go: WEEEEE~!

I passed by a nail art supply kiosk on my way to saizen I bought a blue and red Two-way nail pen and brush (120 php or 2 USD a piece), some rhinestones (200 php, approx $4), a dotting tool set (400 php approx $8) and my first ever matte polish (120 php)! The SA told me the pens were refillable, so I didn't mind buying them despite the price. As for the dotting tool set, it was really expensive but if I didn't buy it, it would bother me for another month or so.

I think the kiosk was a little over priced... I won't mention the name of the shop since I'm semi-ranting about the price but if anyone's interested the kiosk is located near the Chapel entrance.

Here's the saizen haul~! I've divided my haul according to my interests hahahaha

Haul part 1 (beauty items):

Well, actually the whole purpose of me going to Saizen was to repurchase another tube of the Charcoal mask but I ended up weaving through every single aisle... I was able to buy the charcoal mask and a few other stuff... Since I bought some eyeshadow and I suck at using my brushes I bought some eyeshadow sponge applicators. The comb and the face washing brush is a replacement for the ones I bought from my last haul the only other new items are the razors, hair band, and a big black mirror which resembles the etude hand mirror I liked, only cheaper... I bought the mirror since I broke all my mirror stands just this month (Yes, I hate myself for being clumsy).

Haul part 2: (Craft items)

Ok.. Ok.. I hoarded oyumaru...I saw something that looked like oyumaru but was opaque... the back of the packaging says you also put it in hot water then mold it like oyumaru.. I didn't read the top flap first,  I only realized they weren't oyumaru when I was taking a picture. Apparently, they're clay erasers... "Nendo Keshigomu" - from the top flap of the package (thank goodness for my kanji dictionary app). I think I can bake my polymer clay in these!

Aside from the molds, I bought a puncher for some doilies, a cookie cutter for some dishes and some mini punchers that are originally for making bento, but i think they're small enough for some miniatures.

Gosh, I'm overwhelmed... I don't know if I should try out my craft stuff first especially the cutters or my nail art materials! I think I'll go artsy fartsy since my fingers are a mess since my last manicure.. (my cuticles have been peeling like crazy.. ouch).

Ok.. I couldn't help myself. I put on 1 coat of Matte Polish and I think I'm in love... not with the color but by the convenience... I dries almost instantly!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

I took a picture but it doesn't do any justice to the color...

I only intended to swatch it on my nails...


  1. Super mega haul! Gusto ko rin ng charcoal mask! Parang iwhite lang?