Department Store Haul

Plus my first ever (self bought) eye shadow palette~!

Anyway, I made a trip to SM Megamall this afternoon to kill some time and cure my moodiness and boredom. On my way home, I noticed that they had a little cosmetic event... so I made a beeline to Majolica Majorca to check out some eye shadows. I didn't see any matte eye shadows and I wasn't ready to be sparkly and glittery. Fortunately, the SA for cover girl was SUPER nice enough to sell me an alternative and I ended up buying  Cover Girl's Ice Princess Eye Shadow Palette(approx 10 usd), the ELF eyelid primer (129.75 PHP) and a blending eye brush from ELF (129.75 PHP, approx 2.99 USD).

The packaging isn't perfect but.. who cares anyway?

I don't think purple's my color... =_= but I'll look for ways to make it work~!

I got a lippie (Cinnamon) and a blush (2702 Glow) for free..


Apparently, when your purchases are 500 php above you get a free make over and a "Glam" shot. Since I was on my way home I said, "What the heck."

The make-over was fun since the SA from Cover Girl was looking at me as if I was her master piece while she was putting on my eye shadow. I really appreciated that and when other SA's from other brands saw me they decided to join in and put on other stuff on my face but I mostly from Majolica Majorca, ELF and Cover Girl. I was impressed by the SA from ELF since she easily put on eyeliner on my lower water line with out me tearing up.

I didn't let them put on too much make up but here's the finished product~! It kinda made me feel a little self-conscious but no one really looked so I was good.

Here's the glam shot, they gave me a print~!

I also saw the photographer stealing some shots while the 3 SA's were putting on my make up.. I hope to get a soft copy of the glam shot and the other shots as well (I wonder if they would post it).

Obviously, I had fun.

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