Angry birds Nail art

I recently discovered an amazing nail artist on youtube (cutepolish). I want to try almost all her designs. However today, I was possessed by some spirit and decided to try the angry birds nail art =_= I don't even play the game.

Here's the tutorial:

I was seriously giggling and everything while doing this. It was really fun.I would've done the piggies but I don't have green polish... but I can probably mix some acrylics.. (I should've thought of that first).

It's absolutely easy to do! I was able to do one nail with out messing up.. but before I took a picture... I nicked a part of the design.. T^T and the other angry bird I did on my left hand (I'm a lefty by the way), had streaks T_T I need a good top coat or at least I need to master how to put on a top coat on nail art without streaking...

Here are the products I used:

  1. Skin Food's nail vita in BW702 (Top coat:)
  2. Faceshop's WH002 (White polish)
  3. Faceshop's BK901 (Black polish)
  4. Bobbie's Exactly Red polish

Nail art polishes:
  1. Winmax Nail Art Enamel in Black and Yellow
  2. Sassy Colors Nail Polish in Red
  3. Faceshop's black Nail Dot Pen

Initially, I was looking for a design for short nails but like I said I was drawn to the angry birds design. I tried to make it work for my short nails...

=_= streaks of black polish...
 I think I'm losing faith in my faceshop nail polishes... The bobbie polish was easier to spread =_= Also, I think I want dotting tools! I does make nail art easier!

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