Mini Etude Haul

Horaaaayyy for hauls!!! My officemates and I had some free time during lunch and we all decided to go malling.. I ended up buying 2 items and got something for free~! Yay freebies!

I bought 1 nail polish for P48 (a little over a dollar) and the Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume treatment for P998 (approx $23).

The Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume treatment came with a night treatment and an eyelash primer for daytime.

The SA told me that I needed P2 more to get a freebie which was the Dress Room Sweet Look Body Lotion, I just had to get it, so I picked up this pink glittery nail polish. I tested it on my thumb nail and I wasn't really happy about it... It was clear polish with glitters... But I still think I can make use of it on some nail art.

Can you see my favorite drink in the background?
My freebie~! I love the scent~! I'm gonna keep it in the office ~!


 I'll try to post updates for the Dr. Lash product.


  1. Why are SAs so nice to you, I just don't get it. :|

    Tipid na tayo!

  2. @Madz Wahahaha~! Maybe... just maybe... they're trained to spot impulsive shoppers HAHAHA >_<