Day 1: Etude's Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume

Update #1: the before pics.

Warning: View at your own risk...

I'm currently unable to take pictures in broad daylight because of work... T^T I had to make do with a 40v lamp shade and a DIY diffuser...

T^T I hate this shot but it's the only decent pic of my lashes.

whoops, I didn't measure accurately

Try to take a picture while measuring your lashes and trying to look decent..

Almost 8mm~!

Ok, so the challenge in the next few days is to try to get the same/similar pictures of my lashes for comparison =_=

Anyway... I think I just showcased some of my skin problems I've been wanting to address for the longest time.. my dry skin and my syringoma.. I haven't been using any moisturizer for my dry skin... too lazy and my skin gets too oily when I have moisturizer on. I also want to have my eyebrows done again..

For the sake of posting updates = goodbye self-esteem...

Dr. Lash, you'd BETTER be worth it!

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