Ok, fine I recently blogged about posting nothing positive... I just realized that there are some positive things happening to my face at least...

I impulsively bought some make up and skin care products and I'm not sure which product was responsible for the changes I've been seeing.

I think... I just think my face looks clearer. Either my skin really improved or the image of myself got better  
hehehe. And I have been wearing make up (Primer, foundation, eyeliner and mascara) every day for 3 weeks!

I think my freckles are clearing up and I have less pimples .  I'm really not sure what product is responsible for this but I decided to list the stuff I've been using.

1. Etude: Happy Tea Time - Peach Tea. It could be this since the SA told me it was for brightening... my skin didn't really get fairer though.

2. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner - I actually think this is the culprit but I can't be sure since I'm using other products. I also think that the toner helped reduce my eyebags... can't be sure about this since I've been sleeping well despite my situation.

3. Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, The SPF20 PA++ it could've helped with the freckles. This is one of my favorites this month by the way. It gave me a boost of confidence.

4.  My Tea addiction -  ever since I started drinking the tea I bought, every day... I stopped drinking coffee and my sleep has been normal and I don't feel bloated because it helps with my digestion.. flush all toxins out! 

5. TFS - Migamsu - Brightening Rice Water Cleansing cream.. I bought this a long time ago... =_= It's super messy to use but I bought it for the brightening.. so every time I remove my make up, the product helps brighten my face... I think  Well, I can't really say this helps since after I massage it all over my face I wipe it off along with the make up and wash my face afterwards 

Oh well, whatever is helping me today I think I'll continue all these products until I find better ones... I think the cleansing cream would be the last product I'd finish up or my Happy Tea time cleanser

I wanna buy more tea and I traded my Bath and Body works vanilla perfume with Madz for her Witch Hazel toner. It's too much of a waste to throw away  .

By the way, the icons I've been using on this post are from Bibi~!


  1. Still thinking of buying a that primer for myself as well, why does it have to be soooo expensive if you wanna look good? :|

  2. @Madz: No pain no gain? In it's truest form... Good bye money~!