Impulse Haul...

Due to my depression, I cut my hair, had it straightened, had my eye brows done and bought some random things I wasn't planning to buy until I was able to save up some reserves...

I bought 2 Marionnaud Brushes
   N 32 Slanted Blusher Brush
   N 38 Slanted eyeline and  eyebrows double side
A pack of Olay Soaps for smoother skin
The Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover Primer
and The Majolica Cream Pencil Liner

I started using the Primer the next day and I have been getting really nice compliments about how "smooth" (makinis) my face looks, I was insecure about how I looked with make up on. I was scared that  it might look a little too drastic so I asked my friends, the all said "Makinis" which I'm really happy about.

I thought it was quite pricey at 695 php (approx $16), but it might be because I love using it and I might use it all up soon...

Since I'm new at buying and putting on make up, I really love that Majolica Majorca always have a MFG date sticker, although it's on the packaging, which I will eventually throw out, It's still helpful... I need to research about the shelf life of Primers :)

A pencil liner!!! I can never find a good one... so I kind of settled for this. I'm trusting the brand this time. It was pricey but I wanted to trust the brand. I wasn't disappointed though, the following day, I cried like crazy in the office and it didn't bugde that much.

I bought it for 595 php (approx $13). I also need to add this to the research-expiration-date-list.

The pack says "Olay Body Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter" I forgot how much I bought it for the pack of four. I can't find the receipts... =_= I like Olay soaps than Nivea or Dove. Those two products don't have any effect on my skin but Olay does. (I'd like to emphasize on "MY SKIN"). 

I thought I should buy some starter brushes but I made a mistake buying this. I should've looked for reviews about this brand. The eyeliner bush is painful to use! It's too scratchy and it feels like I might scratch my eyelids raw! I tried using it with my gel liner and I gave up.. I think I'll try to use it to smudge my eyeliner a bit.

I haven't tried using this, I have an orange Majolica Blush but I have no brush for it so I decided to buy one... but I still have to watch some tutorials on how to buy an angled blush brush. I bought an angled one because of how I usually hold my brushes.. Not sure if it works that way, I was probably over thinking it.

Last but not the least... I got a keychain! It's so cute!! The SA gave it to me even if I was below the promo price they needed, as long as I bought 2 items~!

The SA at Watsons in MOA was really pretty and really nice, she put on make up on me but didn't force me to buy whatever she was putting on me, she was actually teaching me how to put on make up!


  1. Huli ka! Mas impulsive ka na sakin! >:)

  2. >_< For personality development yan! So I can be 'better' and not 'bitter' ^_________^

  3. Pwede bang excuse ko na rin yan?? :D