Nail art Blue gradients and a french tip attempt

Last time I went to Watsons to hoard the Sassy colors Nail art polishes, I realized that I haven't done any blue gradient nails. So I picked up a darker blue metallic polish that would go with the lighter blue polish I had at home :)

Dare by Caronia  and Dare by Chic

When I checked the names of my polishes, they both have the same name ^_^

The gradients aren't to obvious. I know, it looks messy. I did my nails in a hurry for my date with my BF. Although since, it was messy I decided to re-do my nails using the nail art polishes I just bought.

I also tried to do a french tip. I don't know why I can't do a french tip using white polish but I can successfully do all nails using the pink Sassy Nail art polish..