Foundation Frustration, Transition

I'm still in search of a really good foundation for me. Initially, I liked Majolica Majorca's Pore Cover then I moved to Shu Uemura's Face Architect. I think I only liked Majolica Majorca's pore cover because of the brand... Shu's FA, on the other hand I still love to death but I think I'm not ready to spend on something that I might not use every day.

I need a transition foundation/bb cream/powder (?). Maybe I should just stick with face powder but my skin is dry before applying anything on it and gets oily several hours after if i put anything on it. Mineral stuff maybe?

I was eyeing TFS's Phytogenic Foundation until I found cheaper foundations in TFS. Which is why I have been on the look out for cheaper products that could possible serve as a practice product until I buy Shu's FA.

The foundation's in TFS were interesting since they had other perks like Anti Aging, Moisturizing, Brightening, Pore Minimizing and other stuff. I thought you can only get those from certain BB creams. Price range of the cheaper foundations were around 500 to 700 php (approx $12 - $17).

As much as I want to try the BB creams, I can't. Since I have a darker complexion and there are limited shades for most affordable bb creams I can't find a bb cream that could match my skin tone. Although there's a blending color thingy from TFS for bb creams, I'd end up spending on two products...

Mineral Foundation maybe? I could start with the affordable brands like Maybelline... But how do you wear it? do you put something under or do you put more powder on top of the powder foundation? Can you leave it as is?

Anyway, for the record, here my skin issues:
1. Syringoma
2. Freckles
3. Combination skin (Moody skin, it's gonna be oily when it wants to be oily or when I put something on my face)
4. HUGE Pores - when I started my blog my pores weren't as big as they are now. ahuhuhu
5. Uneven skin tone (probably because of my freckles)
6. Dark Complexion (I put this as an issue because I can't find any shade that matches my skin)
7. Dull skin

I feel like I'm getting uglier by the minute *sobs*

I hate this post T^T

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