Discovery~! Sassy Nail Polish

For some reason, I was drawn to Watson's the other day. I only intended to look around but unfortunately the nail polish stand was strategically placed in front of the doors that you can't miss it. I really didn't want to buy anything and I didn't really have any cash on me so I was brave enough to go inside Watsons... until the SA told me the that the Sassy Nail Polishes had Nail art brushes.

I'm absolutely excited about this discovery! For just 26 Php (approx $0.60), it's definitely a great discovery! It's cheaper than the Saizen nail art polishes I bought! The polishes are a lot smaller than the regular nail polishes but what the heck, I won't be changing polish every day ^_^

I bought 2 colors a metallic pink and a blue polish. I should have bought the red one!!! Waaaa~! I thought I got one from Saizen *sobs* I want the green one too..

Actually, I've never touched the nail art polishes from saizen =_= I seem to be hoarding colors first... I tried to do some nail art using the polishes I bought BUT... I failed, I felt like I don't have any colors to match the ones I just bought.

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