Day 9 and 10: Foot Appeal

I decided to stop posting any pictures of my feet starting today. My blog has WAY too many pictures of ugly feet! *sobs* And my feet looks disgusting, too disgusting it seems inappropriate to post pictures in a blog.

Anyway, unlike my soles, the skin on the top part of my feet it taking a longer while to completely peel off. My soles had huge maps of skin peeling off while the top part has smaller pieces.

I think it's safe to say around 70% of my old skin has peeled off (and left random traces of myself on my bedsheets, the car, the office..).

For those who are thinking of trying the foot appeal mask, I'd say soaking your feet in warm water once you see signs of peeling is a MUST! It does help speed up the process and lessens the mess. =_=

I'm excited to see my feet afterwards.

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