Day 6 and 7: Foot appeal update~

I actually forgot to publish this! I intended to post pictures of my peeling feet but I'm too embarrassed about my feet right now!

Day 6:

I admit that I peeled off half more than half of the dead skin on my soles. The dead skin on my soles are almost completely gone. I didn't peel off the skin on top of my feet because it was thinner than the skin on the soles, so I expected it to hurt if I peeled it off. I also didn't touch my toes but when I woke up the peeling started.

Unlike the other bloggers who tried this product, I have HUGE patches of peeling skin (Which I love to death~). I have a really bad and gross habit of peeling sun burnt skin or anything peel-able like peel off masks!

The calluses on my heels definitely improved! I'm really happy about it.

"I wanna peel it off!!! I wanna peel it off~!" Is what I'm chanting in my head whenever I see my soles. The dead skin's gonna ruin my beloved aerosoles so I'm might remove some of the skin that's hanging. *snickers*

Day 7:

The top of my feet started to peel, I soaked my feet in warm water then massaged my feet with the palm of my hands. A lot of the skin on my toes came off. I'm so excited to see how my feet looks like when all the dead skin comes off

As for my calluses, the skin that came off were a whole lot thicker than the other parts of my feet! Some dark spots on my feet lightened as well :)

There was hardly any mess on my sheets this morning but I'm expecting some tomorrow since the thinner skin have started to peel.

I do have pictures but I'm not comfortable posting it on my blog yet... I'll try to select a few decent, not so gross, pictures.

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